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Well, I've been meaning to finish posting everything onto Dreamwidth...

Feel free to add me ^^ You can find me here - same user name!

And if you want my fic outside of lj, here's the link to my AO3

(I'll be uploading some things about Olympia soon, just because it was an amazing show)
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So you know how there are those films you cry buckets over when you're a kid? Well, for me they included such titles as Bambi, The Lion King and Black Beauty.
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A little late, but would anyone like a card? Will post to anywhere!

All comments are screened so if you just drop a note with your name and address and I'll add you to my list! ♥♥
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Is it too late to change my career to disney princess? Who wants to save animals anyway?

As for saving animals, after a week of slowly declining health, I made the horrid decision to put my partridge Quentin to sleep. It's a horrible choice for any pet owner to have to make, but her convulsions were worsening and it wasn't fair to her. It's sad, but a part of life I suppose and I'm just glad she's no longer in pain.
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Want to do something amazing and get something from it? Go check out [ profile] fandomaid for Somalia. Go take a look around and see if anything takes your fancy.

I have an offer there and I'd love to do something else for this amazing project. Information below:

Offer: Fanfiction, length 3000-10,000 (will increase if bid goes higher)

Fandom/s: Merlin, Naruto

Bid Requirements: Start bid at $5.00

Won't Write: would prefer to write Merlin/Arthur for Merlin, but will do other pairings.

Additional Notes: There's nothing I won't do! The higher the bid, the longer the fic I'm willing to write, and anything over $20 will be given the option of a longer fic (thinking 17ishk+) or two (shorter) stories. Also willing to do other fandoms for a $30+ bid :)

The higher the bid, the longer I'll write for you! And even if you don't want to bid on me, take a look around all the other amazing people contributing. You can make a difference and get a gift other than knowing you've helped... why not? :)


Jun. 16th, 2011 11:25 pm
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After reading an amazing anti-procrastination post by [ profile] scribblemoose earlier, I'd just like to say that I reccommend anyone who uses the internet to procratinate to download Freedom. You can get the free trial for 5 uses, or (like me) download it for $10 or just over £6.00. It is worth every. single. penny.

That said, I reached a biiiiiig milestone in my paperlegends bigbang. 100,000 words \o/

Good luck everyone else who's working on a big bang (or just any other stories!) You can do it!

Have a lovely weekend
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Just broke 80k on my merlin bigbang. Not that it actually means I'm close to finishing, but I'm happy with the fact I've managed this long without breaking down and/or giving up!

First week without Doctor Who, so probably will be wandering around wondering what to do with myself come 6pm+ on Saturday... but then I'll be watching Camelot on channel 4 (again, though it was an online stream so not as good quality) so I suppose that's something to look forward to!

But seriously. Can autumn hurry up so I can watch Doctor Who, Sherlock and (most importantly) Merlin again?

One last thing, does anyone have any costume suggestions? I have a fancy dress party in July and I have no idea what to dress up as. Something interesting, but I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a costume... help!


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