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Here it is! The beastie I've been moaning about for ages. Thank you to everyone who's listened to me whine and encouraged me, you have been such great helps!

Future AU. After a seeing-stone washes up on the shores of Ealdor, the last Island left after the great floods and rising Ocean, Merlin sees their salvation - a Sky City named Camelot. When he wakes up on the shores of the Sky City, Merlin starts to realise the New World is nothing as it was fabled. It is then that Merlin begins his journey to meet the 'dragon' that called him there, realising that nothing in Camelot is what it seems. Together they begin a revolution against a blind king and the foundations the New World was built on, uncovering even deeper secrets that were thought to be buried with the Old World when the land sunk.

Word Count:

Arthur/Merlin (with Balinor/Hunith and Uther/Ygraine)

Character death (mostly minor, but includes a known character who dies in canon and a child), torture, flooded-world scenario (&associated issues e.g. refugee camps, starvation etc.), sort-of-slavery, intoxication (leading to what some might consider dub-con, though it's not intended as such)


Because, honestly, this wouldn't be here without the wonderful people who helped me. You guys have no idea how grateful to you I am!
- My amazing cheerleader [ profile] moonilicious who never once let me think about quitting and was always there when I needed her!
- My beta who is literally a saint. [ profile] cutsycat stepped in 5 days before posting due to unforeseen problems, so any remaining errors are completely my own. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
- The background team of helpers who listened to me moan day in day out and didn't say a word. While it's a large list, the people who were there at the drop of a pin I need to give extra love - [ profile] tx_minion and [ profile] wovenwater
- To [ profile] the_muppet for going above and beyond duty and making this an incredibly fun challenge! thank you!
And, finally...
- I need to say a massive, massive thank you to [ profile] theywerecones for being both such a pleasure to work with and a fantastic artist. I couldn't have asked for half of what she's drawn for our story and honestly cannot thank her enough.

This was an idea spawned from the book Exodus by Julie Bertagna. While it's deviated massively from the plot of the book, I still owe it a great deal.

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| Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen | Part Fifteen | Part Sixteen |


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Thank you again for everyone who's supported this story. I hope you enjoy it!
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|Masterpost|Part Three|

Part Two: The New World.


August 3500

The first thing Merlin noticed when he woke was the pain all over his body. He ached everywhere, not a single cell in his body left untouched by the splitting pain. Moving was out of the question, even though water lapped around his hips, chilling his legs and sending shivers wracking through his body.

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Part One: The Islands.
April, 3500.

Merlin woke, as he often did, with a gasp upon his lips. The image of crushing water surrounded him, swayed behind his eyes, pulling him down with the current and dragging him to the thick sludge at the bottom of the ocean. He could feel the waves sliding over one another, calm, as if they hadn’t taken another one for their own. And then Merlin had been fighting, thrashing, to return to the surface.
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