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So you know how there are those films you cry buckets over when you're a kid? Well, for me they included such titles as Bambi, The Lion King and Black Beauty.

Now I can easily watch Bambi and The Lion King and still be a bit sad, but no way near crying. Black Beauty was on at the weekend and I thought 'hey, I bet it'll be fine. Nice film with nice horses and now you're older, it'll be fine.'

Turns out I was wrong. I wouldn't consider myself someone who cries easily, but you'd never know that from the film -_- Sort of teared up a bit in the bloody opening credits because I was thinking why the hell was I doing this to myself. And I was fine, bit sad, but coping, until Ginger died.

And then I couldn't stop crying. And these were proper tears-rolling-down-the-cheeks and yeah. It's not a film that gets better with age for me, in fact it's probably got worse. There is no redeeming factor in Black Beauty - sure he gets a nice life at pasture with Joe in the end, but he's lost all his friends and all he has is memories. It's just really sad.

/end pathetic rant (ffs, it's about a fictional horse and his friends). Are there any films that you just can't watch because they make you cry a ridiculous amount?

As for writing, this is what my list is looking like recently.
  1. [ profile] merlinreversebb fic
  2.  A story I was writing for NaNo, but am now just writing based on this prompt.
  3. 4x03 AU fic
  4. 4x09 AU fic
  5. [ profile] merlin_games entry

And if anyone was wondering - picked up two more quails to go with my one. I'll be posting more pics tomorrow despite them being in their awkward half-fluff-half-feather phase. ^^

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