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Want to do something amazing and get something from it? Go check out [ profile] fandomaid for Somalia. Go take a look around and see if anything takes your fancy.

I have an offer there and I'd love to do something else for this amazing project. Information below:

Offer: Fanfiction, length 3000-10,000 (will increase if bid goes higher)

Fandom/s: Merlin, Naruto

Bid Requirements: Start bid at $5.00

Won't Write: would prefer to write Merlin/Arthur for Merlin, but will do other pairings.

Additional Notes: There's nothing I won't do! The higher the bid, the longer the fic I'm willing to write, and anything over $20 will be given the option of a longer fic (thinking 17ishk+) or two (shorter) stories. Also willing to do other fandoms for a $30+ bid :)

The higher the bid, the longer I'll write for you! And even if you don't want to bid on me, take a look around all the other amazing people contributing. You can make a difference and get a gift other than knowing you've helped... why not? :)


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