Dec. 4th, 2011


Dec. 4th, 2011 04:23 pm
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Or more correctly - quail!

I wasn't expecting any to hatch as it's the first time I've tried to hatch eggs and generally everything went wrong... but the outcome's surprised me! 

I have a bright, fluffy, yellow quail chick running around the incubator. S/he is so cute. Just a ball of yellow puff. Earlier the chick kept snuggling up with a bundle of unhatched eggs and I keep hoping that at least one more will hatch, just so s/he has a companion. Going to give the chick a little teddy bear or something anyway when I move her/him to the brooder, just to snuggle with if s/he wants.

I'm not counting on the other hatching, but fingers crossed! This one still needs a lot of care so will be keeping a good eye on her/him. One of her/his toes is bent which I think is probably an egg-deformation rather than it being broken, but it should straighten up. If it looks like its causing problems then I'll help it out, but otherwise I think I have another bird to add to the trio outside!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow when the chick's settled in ^^

Also, on a completely unrelated note, the amazing [ profile] mightyprettyhas created a Merlin/Arthur fanvid to Lana Del Ray's Video Games. I'm in love with her and this video is amazing. Watch it here!


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