Jul. 30th, 2011

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Summary: from kinkme_merlin prompt found here, Merlin is being trialed in court for murder. Arthur is his lawyer and falls for BAMF!Merlin while fighting Merlin's case.
Word Count: ~16,000
Notes: Hopefully I did the prompt justice. It was written for the meme's Spring Fever and reposted here just to I can keep my masterlist nice and tidy.
Warnings: Mentions of intoxication (drugs&alcohol), mentions of murder (plus descriptions), mentions of character death, violence, brief mention of prostitution, brief mention of rape, a thoroughly warped/corrupt justice/legal system, stillbirth. I also know nothing about law, so everything's just a fantasy in my mind.

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Jul. 30th, 2011 05:55 pm
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Okay, so I've signed up for 100k_supernova but I can't choose between two plots and was wondering if I could get some opinions. Uhm very bad summaries ahead, but just to get a general idea.

(I know I'm going to end up writing both at some point, I love both of them.)

Polo!Fic. Arthur is a famous polo player and Merlin's a stablehand working for the Camelot team. When they're a player down, Arthur is desperate and asks Merlin to step in. It turns out that Merlin is good, something Arthur wasn't prepared for. This leads to competition within the team, which in turn leads to a relationship based purely on sex and winning. [more to it than this, but whatever I put sounds rubbish so I'll leave it as it is]

Reincarnation/Doctor Who crossover. The Doctor, Amy and Rory have been pulled across the universe due to a strange power fluctuation. When they step out of the TARDIS, they are confronted with a mystery problem, one that can't be solved by just the three of them. Meanwhile, Jethro is having strange dreams about a kingdom and a man, about magic and myth. When he meets the Doctor, things start falling into place.

So yes... any thoughts?


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