Mar. 4th, 2011

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As promised to some people, here it is! Most are A/M or gen. Please read individual warnings if they're provided in the stories.

A-L )A Different Kind of Dating Service by [ profile] hulubululu 
g, ~1300
Summary: One of them dials a wrong number and gets the other one, they've never met before but for some reason they keep phoning.
A-L )A Pendragon Production by [ profile] kingofsporks 
r, ~3300, wip
Summary: A year after graduating from Madison, Merlin moves out to LA to get a job and just maybe follow his dreams. But until then, Gaius has got him a prime seat behind the scenes watching the making of "Above the Law," the hit crime drama starring one smoking hot Arthur Pendragon. Unfortunately, Arthur's hotness is in direct proportion to his dickery, and Merlin finds himself one of the bugs trapped under the young star's shoe. A-L )Arthur is a Man of Action…and Merlin is Just Slow by [ profile] giselleslash 
Summary: Merlin owns a bookshop, Arthur is his thoroughly incompetent but endearing - and more than a little crazycakes - employee. A-L )Camelot Industries by [ profile] dracosoftie 
nc-17, ~24,000
Summary: The fate of his father’s company is on the line, and Arthur Pendragon must learn to trust others to help him –and put himself out there, both with Camelot Industries and with Merlin Emrys, the tech genius who has caught Arthur’s interest. Camelot Industries may never be the same after Arthur and his so-called knights of the roundtable are through with it. A-L )

Fucking Tradition by [ profile] hermette 
nc-17, ~2000
Summary: It’s a regency AU with girl!Merlin and literal bodice ripping, okay? It doesn’t get to have a summary.
A-L )
A-L )They met in university, and Arthur never said a word. Now, his life is spinning quietly out of control, and Merlin is halfway around the world, unaware of everything.A-L )I'll Catch You by [ profile] somerdaye 
pg-13, ~1000
Some habits are hard to break. Others, you're not even entirely sure they're there until your body is actively responding to them and not your brain like it's bloody well supposed to.

If You Had A Bad Day by [ profile] musicnlyrics37 
pg, ~13,300
Summary: Arthur Pendragon is the son of the owner of Pendragon Industries. Arthur is having a really bad week. His problems include: Work taking over his life, his car breaking down and his annoying girlfriend... A-L )In Medias Res by [ profile] thewordtree 
pg-13, ~4200
Summary: Arthur remembers his past life at the age of sixty-six. It's not too late to find the other side of his coin, right?A-L )Inconvenient Gifts by [ profile] reona32 
g, ~44,100
Summary: Fairytale Prompt: Diamonds & Toads A-L )Just for a Moment by [ profile] dreamdustmama 
nc-17, ~3100
Summary: Merlin shows up at Arthur's late one night, rain-soaked and tired of being avoided.A-L )Love, Emails and Instant Messaging by [ profile] lcacbc 
pg-13, ~3000
Summary: Love, emails and instant messaging. This is a look at what really goes on at Pendragon Industries. A-L )
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As promised to some people, here it is! Most are A/M or gen. Please read individual warnings if they're provided in the stories.

M-Z )



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